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Established in 1976 Special Veterinary Services was one of the first practices in the nation to have multiple specialists all sharing a single facility using a single set of advanced equipment and instrumentation. Along with special radiology, surgery, and endoscopy equipment, we provide advanced diagnostics and therapeutics to the Bay Area's veterinarians and their clients.

Who is a veterinary specialist?

A board-certified veterinary specialist has completed up to 12 years of college education and training. After graduating from a four-year veterinary program (DVM degree), a board certified specialist then has gone on to complete an additional four years of training in an internship and residency program. To become board-certified, these candidates must also pass rigorous training and a series of testing requirements to become a board-certified specialist.

Why would my pet need to see a specialist?

Your primary care veterinarian will refer you and your pet to our hospital if your pet requires specific testing, treatments or procedures that he/she is not experienced in, does not offer or that can improve the quality of life for your pet. In addition to the highly experienced medical staff, SVS also has state-of-the-art, highly specialized equipment including ultrasonography, endoscopy, CT scan imaging, and 24 hour around the clock care. You may also make an appointment for a second opinion consult to discuss your pets’ health concerns.

What do I bring to my referral appointment?

Be sure to bring any relevant medical records or information to your first appointment. Ask your veterinarian for copies of any relevant medical tests, imaging studies, x-rays, or laboratory panels.

Will my veterinarian be updated?

The partnership between you, your veterinarian and our medical team is essential and helps ensure the most comprehensive care possible for your pet. Our team of doctors keeps both you and your veterinarian updated as to your pet's condition.

Board-certified specialists available at Special Veterinary Services:


Special Veterinary Services provides 24/7 care for patients requiring hospitalization with a combined staff of board-certified specialists, emergency service veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants.





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