General and Medical Boarding

Temporary closure of boarding facilities

We are committed to keeping our clients, pets and staff safe during Covid-19. In order to continue offering our services to keep your pets healthy, we are temporarily closing our boarding facilities. Please check back here for updates on reopening, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We know the decision to board your pet is not to be taken lightly. It’s difficult to think of your pet out of his or her home environment while you are away. Our goal at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital is to minimize your pet’s stress with attention, kindness, and exercise. All our guests are cared for by compassionate, well-trained, and experienced staff.

One of the many benefits of boarding your pet at our veterinary facility is that a veterinarian is available on the premises 24 hours a day should your pet need assistance for any reason. Best of all, your pet will be treated by the doctors and staff that you trust most. At BD&C we offer:

  • Private indoor dog area
  • Large outdoor play area
  • Separate cats only room
  • Cat play room
  • Exercise time twice a day
  • Pet report cards
  • Premium pet food
  • Fresh linens and housekeeping daily
  • Discounted baths (for canine boarders)
  • Medical boarding for pets with special needs
  • Properly administered medications
  • TLC package: extra play times, frosty treats, kong, catnip toys, brushing & massage
  • Free Bath after 7 days of boarding by request (not available during holiday blackout) (long hair dogs will be getting a dry shampoo)

Canine Influenza Guidelines

Canine Flu Vaccine BD&C protocol change as of May 21, 2018

  • The Flu epidemic in the Bay Area has seemed to have passed. The last recorded Flu positive case in the Bay Area was reported in March.  Therefore, we are changing our policy for boarding at BD&C
  • We are now RECOMMENDING the Canine Influenza Vaccination for boarding dogs, but it is NOT REQUIRED.
  • With the support of our clients and their respect to keep our boarding facility free from diseases, we did not have any problems with dogs exposed to the flu virus in our boarding facility.  Thank you to our wonderful clientele for their compliance during the flu epidemic.
  • We did see two cases here that were flu positive after boarding in a facility in SF and the staff took all precautions to not expose our hospital or any other patients to these two dogs.

Please ask any doctor if you have questions if a dog should get the vaccine to board here.

Again, the vaccine is recommended for dogs that are at risk.  Such as frequenting dog parks, grooming facilities, dog walking groups, dog shows, or any other high inter-dog exposure.

Boarding Guidelines

Each pet staying with us must be current on the following vaccines:

  • Dogs Annual Rabies, Canine Distemper/Parvo Combination & Bordatella
  • Cats Feline Distemper Combination and Rabies

All animals must have been examined by one of our staff veterinarians within the past year of their boarding stay.

Should any pet become ill, their condition will be assessed, the owner will be contacted if at all possible, and they will be treated accordingly at the owner’s expense.

We will not accept medications that are not in their original prescription bottles for our kennel patients. State regulations require that all medications be in their original containers with the original labeling.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Our check-in and check-out procedures ensure an easy, hassle-free transition for and your pet:

  • All pets will be checked in by one of our animal care attendants. A boarding health examination will be performed to ensure all pets staying at BD&C are healthy and free of disease and external parasites. There is no charge for this examination if performed by the animal care attendant. If your pet has not been seen here before or has not been seen within the last year by one of our Veterinarians, a pre-board health exam by a Berkeley Dog & Cat Veterinarian is required with an additional cost. These exams help protect all pets in the facility from communicable diseases.
  • Boarding is charged per night with a one night minimum.
  • Pick up and drop off times are from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. We will be unable to accommodate outside of these hours.

Boarding Packages

BOARDING includes:
Three walks (dogs), two playroom s(cats)
Two meals (am/pm)
Two treats (late am /late pm)
CANINE $60.00 per night
FELINE $55.00 per night
The same as Standard Boarding PLUS:
Medications administered during stay
CANINE $70.00 per night
FELINE $65.00 per night
Tailored to our geriatric and medical  needs pets
Veterinarian examines your pet upon admission for boarding
Monitored 24 hours a day by one of our Veterinary Technicians/Assisstants
Medications administered by a Veterinary Technician/Assistant
CANINE/FELINE $125.00 per night
EXOTIC $125.00 per night
Two additional walks or playrooms per day
Brushing out and 10 min massage (once during stay)
Additional $25.00 per day
Frosty Treats $5.00
Stuffed Kong Toy $5.00
Cat Nip Mouse $5.00