Emergency and Urgent Care

Berkeley Dog & Cat proudly provides daytime, weekend, holiday and after hour coverage to serve our community. Nobody ever plans for their pet to become ill or injured, but our experienced team is available 24 hours a day to provide immediate care whenever your pet may need it. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables prompt diagnostic testing and assists our team in helping your companion get the Quality care they need, any time of day or night.

If your pet has any of these symptoms bring it in IMMEDIATELY

Symptoms Combined with Special Instructions
Difficulty Breathing Noisy respiration, blue tongue, gasping for breath
Non-stop Bleeding Bleeding from any part of the body Apply pressure and come in IMMEDIATELY
Inability to urinate or constipation Continues trying without any production
Inability to deliver puppies or kittens Keeps trying or has stopped trying
Pain Severe, continuous with no relief
Vomiting, diarrhea Continuous or with the apprearance of blood
Loss of balance or consciousness Tremors, coma, staggering, blindness, fainting
Itching Continuous biting, scratching, self-mutilation
Penetrating wounds Chest or abdominal wounds are especially serious
Poisoning Bring the container or commercial name and chemical name
Hit By Car
Any other sign that looks serious!