Simplify Your Visit

New! You can now help us save trees and send us the forms for your Hospital visit online!

Are you new to our Hospital? Please register here: New Client Registration

Please fill out this form before every curb-site visit: Patient Check-in Questionnaire

Please fill out this form if you have scheduled an appointment for Oral ATP: Oral ATP Consent Form

When you come to our Hospital please follow our curb-side drop-off procedure:

  1. For emergency only: CALL (510)848-5041
  2. For appointments, medication and food pickups: TEXT (510)849-6603 to check in, let us know what you are here for, describe your vehicle and where we can find you.
  3. A staff member will meet you outside, please take care to:
  • Stay in or close to your car, do not approach or crowd the entrance so our staff have room to work.
  • Wear a mask or cloth covering your mouth and nose when talking to our staff.
  • Keep 6ft apart from others when possible.
  • Stay cool and hydrated, we have provided tents and water for that purpose.

Thank you for helping us keep the hospital virus-free!

Are you bringing a patient to our Avians and Exotics Department? Please fill out the correct form for the patient(s) you are bringing:

Thank you! We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Hospital.